April 6, 2022

Thanks for the congratulations.

I have been playing bridge since I was about 7 years old. My mom and dad, aunt and uncle would play every Sunday. They were generous enough to let us kids watch, then we learned the value of cards, how many points were needed to open, etc. I remember acutely my first cross ruff at the age of 7.

I continued playing contract bridge through college in the 70s, and on and on from then. I discovered duplicate bridge at the age of 55. My first experience was memorable to say the least. I felt like a kid playing T-ball against the Chicago Cubs. I was so humiliated that I didnít go back for a long time.

Then I found an online app called IBridge. It taught me some of the different conventions in a positive way. I dipped my toes back into duplicate at the tender age of 71. I now felt like a college baseball player playing against the Cubs. Better. I started playing at the Omaha center about a year ago and have enjoyed every minute. I love this place so much because I learn something new every time I play.

Of course now I wish I had started playing duplicate earlier in life, but I am still very proud of my 5 points at age 73. Onward and upward!