March 19, 2022

I have always wanted to learn to play Bridge. Shortly after retiring, I learned the Bluffs Bridge Club was offering beginner lessons in September 2021 at the YMCA Center for Healthy Living here in Council Bluffs. The Club, which has now grown to over 80 members on its roster, was graciously founded in September 2019 by two very generous sponsors: Dr. Ted Hoff and Dr. Richard "Dick" Miller. Both gave their financial support to launch the Club and continue to be familiar, friendly faces each week. Pierre Flatowicz, who has himself earned over 14,000 Master Points, is our energetic Director and offers a free lesson each Thursday prior to the weekly 11:30 am game session.

Although I was brand new to the game, I (perhaps naively) started playing on Thursdays with the Club in November 2021 and have not looked back since. The Club also offered intermediate lessons in the Spring of 2022 which I eagerly joined. I am ever grateful to our Club founders and Director as well as the many others who serve the Club in other capacities.

I would invite anyone who enjoys the game to consider joining us each Thursday. Dr. James Rochelle also offers an informal (and free) learning session on Fridays from 9-12 at the same location. This is a great opportunity to review the previous day’s hands in a more relaxed setting. See you all there soon!

Thanks Deana