June 18, 2020

New Junior Master Steve Rholl

Here is my story. At the age of 71 I was looking for something to do. Back in December I inquired at our local senior center about playing duplicate bridge (the center hosts the Northfield Duplicate Bridge Club). I had played bridge in college back in 1967-1971, but not since. I was back to square one. The senior center put me in contact with Evie Estenson and Nate Pike. Nate was teaching a bridge class at the time. After a month of classes, I jumped right into playing at our local club. My wife and I winter on South Padre Island, so I thought I would have to wait until I returned to play again, but Nate encouraged me to find a bridge club in Texas, to continue playing. I did and really enjoyed it. I was hooked for sure. We returned home just in time to see the end of duplicate bridge as we once knew it (of course, due to the Covid-19 virus). But Evie Estenson to the rescue, introducing me to BBO. Playing online since March, I somehow managed to earn 5 MP. Now I am just having fun and keeping my mind sharp. Let the masterpoints fall where they may—I don't really have any goals so to speak. What a savior on-line bridge has become. In closing, I do need to especially thank Evie Estenson, Nate Pike, and Jim & Jane Ann Gormong (SPI) for their encouragement and help in getting to where I am today. Also I need to thank all my partners who have put up with all my mistakes.

Steve Rholl