Mar.2, 2021

Thanks for the congratulations!

Like many, I played party bridge 40-some years ago. Four and a half years ago, a community ed class for beginning bridge caught my eye. The class not only taught me some bridge basics, but also let me develop a new network of bridge-playing friends. One of my new friends talked me into attending the weekly practice ‘chat bridge’ sessions, and then into trying out a real game. I found the other club members to be kind and supportive, often offering us newer players helpful tips. I find it helpful that my club offered additional training, so that many of us could continue to learn about topics related to competitive bidding, defending, and taking more tricks as declarer. I find it pretty easy to find partners who speak the same bidding and signaling language as I. I have had a lot of fun traveling to tournaments, and have found welcoming clubs and partnership chairs when I travel solo. I thank all who have been part of my bridge journey.

Deana, if you could help at all, it would be to have ACBL examine the silver point requirement to become a life master. For those of us who joined after 2010, we need 75 silver, 50 gold, and 50 red/gold. Pre-covid, the high number of silver made sense—it encouraged us to attend sectionals, which for many members can be found every month or two within a day’s drive. Now that we are online, the opportunity to earn silver points is infrequent, and the amount of points available in a smaller club are not very high. It seems easier to earn gold points than to earn silver points. If ACBL is reluctant to change the requirement, then please ask them to provide monthly opportunities to earn silver points online. Or, perhaps the unit could combine the club games across the unit, so the potential payout would be larger due to a larger pool of participants.

Again, thanks. I couldn’t have achieved what I have achieved without help from my instructors, partners, and helpful club members.

Sheri French