Mar. 7, 20201/p> New Junior Master Paula Sanan

My journey with bridge started when my children were young, mostly as a way to make friends and enjoy a bit of a social life. It was strictly party bridge and mostly a fun outlet. I loved it, but mainly for the friends' experience.

I became interested in duplicate mainly to learn a new skill, good for my aging brain. It was a huge challenge, as my memory is not great , and it seemed to require SO much focus. Then came the pandemic, and along with everyone else, social isolation. Lots of time to study! I was so fortunate because Iowa City has become a "hot bed" of duplicate bridge, with great teachers/ promoters: Carol Panzer and John Kemp. My husband and I started classes, something we could do together. Play and learn. Itís been fantastic for our relationship.

I am so very grateful that this game became such a big part of my life. It got me through a really awful year, improved my mind (hopefully), brought my spouse and me closer together, and helped me make some pretty awesome new friends who share my love for bridge.

Duplicate bridge is full of supportive players who are challenging themselves and not so much outdoing their opponents.

Thatís my bridge story.

Paula Sanan