November 8, 2020

New LM Mike Orsted

Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story.

I joined the ACBL when on internship in Joliet, IL ('73-'74). I found a compatible partner. Our brief time ended with us joining another pair of bachelors playing Swiss at the DeKalb Regional. After 7 rounds we were in second place. We then sat down to play again Barry Crane and his partner, Kerri Shuman (who won the McKinney that year). We didn't win, but amazing experience. I played very little after that because I didn't live near a club. When I retired I joined the St. Paul Club 5 years ago. They are very companionable and welcoming to a rookie. I played with a number of members who helped me with my game. Kim runs a friendly game which I appreciate. Even the best players will play with non-masters. I thank them for all the help and good times.