June 17, 2020

New LM Mary Vogel

I started this journey in 2006. My partner and dear friend Barb Lilly joined me. She had played bridge for 60 years, but not duplicate bridge. Together we took bridge lessons for seniors at Iowa State University taught by Andy Terry. He encouraged us to attend tournaments. We did and fell in love with the competition. At the Omaha regional with 20 master points under our belt, we won 11 gold points in a Sunday Swiss team. Everyone was so excited for us, we were a little floored at the enthusiasm. After more tournaments we realized how important that game was. It was a lot harder giving the rest of the gold points!!

I live in a small Iowa town and going to weekly games was very difficult, because Barb lived 40 miles away in another town. So we went to tournaments around the state and surrounding states and got all of our colored points, but still needed 50 black points.

By this time Barb was 90 years old and had entered an independent living home in Boone so it was difficult for her and me to get together for these black points. So I found a new partner, Kathy Shriver, and we started going to Fort Dodge for the black points.

When the pandemic occurred I need a 14½ black lights for my life master. I had played on BBO speedballs with Barb for many years occurring clear points, so I was very familiar with the set up. When BBO initiated the Blackpoint tournaments I was thrilled. I would play three tournaments a day with different friends. I spent $384 to obtain 15 Blackpoints!!

Because of the COVID-19 virus all churches were closed, so I promised the Lord if I got my 15 black points I would donate how much it cost to the church!!

Obtaining a life Masters has been on my bucket list for a long time.

Mary Vogel