October 11, 2021

New ACBL Club Master Lanette Guthmann

Thank you for the warm comments. I really love bridge. Virtual bridge has made it easy to play from home. With the current delta variant of COVID surging, I'm so thankful for the virtual platform. I love the opportunity to play with others from across the world.

I must admit that I was dismayed by the recent requirements regarding member and guest ratios. I would guess that the ACBL would do everything they can to make bridge available to all no matter where they live and what is happening with COVID. I have so enjoyed finding out where everyone lives. I have even had the opportunity to play with ladies from the Netherlands. I also took some classes with them online. Please reconsider the recent changes to the rules. Please open it back up so that all can play virtually in all the games offered in all the clubs in all the locations. The more people that are playing in all the clubs, the better for all of us.

Thanks again for your comments. Please consider my comments.