February 13, 2020


Thank you for this nice note and, more importantly, for your wonderful work on behalf of the bridge community. It was special to achieve LM status in a game (Thursday afternoon in the New Brighton section on February 6) in which my partner and I played against you and your husband!

My only strength as a bridge player has been my longevity ( I started when Irv Wheeler was at the bridge center on 34th or so and Nicollet 🙂) and love of a game I rarely get to play! So I will pass on the publicity, but want to make sure I tell you how much I have appreciated the improvements in the bridge venues and culture over the years. The Oak Marsh venue and the New Brighton venue are particularly nice and the players and officials appear friendly and more engaging.

Keep up the good work.

Joe Dixon

P.S. I will introduce myself the next time we play you.