May 7, 2021

A little bit about me: I came to live in the United States from South Africa to be with my three sons. I had played bridge in South Africa for 30 years but could not transfer my points to ACBL.

I had to start accruing points from scratch. Slowly I collected points and my good friends Keith and Mary encouraged and took to me to every available tournament. Excitingly, the week I became a Life Master I also became a US citizen. What a party that was! And then onto Bronze and then to Silver. As I got closer to the 1000 point mark I said to my sons another point, another point, another point.

I want to thank all my partners at the Rochester, MN. Bridge Club and especially Sue, the club manager.

I also think that when one immigrates, bridge is a wonderful way to integrate.

Kind Regards

Jean Witz