New Club Master Gail Stubbs

Dear Deana - here is my story

My interest in bridge began with my mother who was an excellent bridge player. My parents taught my siblings and me card games as children which led up to the game of bridge as teenagers. In college I played "sorority bridge" which meant no one really knew the rules! After I moved to Des Moines in the early 80s, I joined three bridge groups and was very much a beginner. They were all social bridge groups with rubber bridge scoring. Eventually I was asked to sub in some duplicate groups and started to learn that style of play and scoring. Over the years, a close friend was encouraging me to come to the Bridge Center in Urbandale. I was afraid I was not a good enough player and concerned that I did not have a partner to play with. Three summers ago, another friend asked me to play with her. I kindly declined but she wore me down and I finally consented! I knew she was a better player than I am and this would be a great opportunity to improve my game. We play together at the Bridge Center in the summer and I play with other partners during the winter when she is gone. I started out with .5 master points and recently reached Club Master, earning most of my points at the bridge center. I have played in only two tournaments but would like to do more.

I find the ACBL website to be a good reference source and I enjoy playing BBO. The Bridge Bulletin is another great resource. Most of my learning takes place at the Bridge Center. The lessons are excellent and I find everyone to be kind and helpful. I just wish I would have started playing there sooner! I hope to keep earning points and make my way to the next level.

Gail Stubbs
West Des Moines, Iowa