September 12, 2022

Thank you very much for your kind words. I have never been an outstanding bridge player and thus my reaching GLM shows that even a scratch player can with persistence move up in the bridge world.

I generally have been happy with my 40+ years of playing duplicate bridge, primarily in St. Cloud but for the past 16 years in Minneapolis at the Twin Cities Bridge Club. Like most of us, I wish more people would conform more to the code of conduct. There are still too many "bridge jerks" out there and they are a hindrance to bringing more people into the world of duplicate bridge.

One issue that I would encourage you to work on in your role as District14 Director is that of bringing the two Minnesota units back together. Almost no one engaged in the game here knows why there are two units and who was involved in the separation decades ago. Having played in St. Cloud for most of my bridge career I am aware that many people outside of Minneapolis are uncomfortable playing with some of the area players. But the Covid pause along with the passing of time makes this a good time to merge as one unit. Many of the people who were difficult to play with for one reason or the other are no longer around or are mainly playing online. Since you are not a Minnesotan you are in a good position to use your position to mediate a reunification.

Thanks again.