New ACBL Regional Master Bill Treadway

Dear Deana,

My Journey began in July 2021, The Bluffs Bridge Club ran an article in the Non-Pareil newspaper about reopening after the pandemic. I had played party bridge but never played Contract Bridge. A friendly voice answered the phone to answer my many questions. He said we get together on Friday morning for three hours with an instructor to cover the basics you will need to move up to our regular game on Thursdays. After a couple of Friday sessions I felt comfortable moving to the regular games. I wanted the challenge.

The scoring in Duplicate is different than Party Bridge. My top priority was to understand the rules and strategies so that my play would improve and get the respect of the other players over time. So I ask Google and there all the information was. It may not be possible to jam all that information into my head.

My misconceptions were many with much to still learn. The fellow players were friendly to the max. They were real quick to point out my errors in bidding and the play of the cards. Partners were chosen for me as I had joined without a partner. Sometimes the chosen ones would even ask me to play again with them. The overall experience was great and left me just wanting more. Since the Bluffs Club only plays on Thursdays, I joined three other clubs at the House of Cards in Omaha. More friendly people with the love of the game. So now I play Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I was invited to join the Board of Directors of The Bluffs Bridge Club. The Board has organized a two day tournament for Non-Life Masters on November 17th and 18th. This is the Club's first tournament and we are working hard to make it a success.

Bill Treadway