January 8, 2023

New Junior Master Bill Engelter

Thank you for your email about my obtaining the Junior Master Status. I have been playing bridge on and off for the past 2 plus years. Most recently, playing in a relax Friday group, which is very social and has been a learning experience. Occasionally the Bismarck group gets together for a holiday event where there is several tables and we go head to head with a partner in a truly duplicate game. I have been fortunate to have had a partner and acquired most of my success. (Computer hands are used). It has been difficult to understand the point system and sometimes in analyzing how I gathered points does not make sense. I enjoy the social part of Bridge and most of the time those who I am playing with. At age 78, my mind is challenged and I enjoy that part of the bridge game. I have read some of the new conventions and feel that at my beginning level, I need to work on the basics . You need to have regular partner and you both should be willing to use them. Thank you again for the opportunity to obtain the Junior Master Status.

Bill Engelter