December 8, 2020

New Junior Master Barry Bershow

Thanks for the congrats. I've actually now garnered ~21 points, mainly over the last month playing robot games online. (Also 0.05 points at a Play and Learn session with my less experienced wife. 😉)

My career started 50 years ago, playing Bridge in Medical School. Two years running I won the Univ. of MN yearly tournament (different partners) and represented the U in collegiate regional tournaments. There were ~50 tables at the UM tourney and I understand I could have joined the ACBL and registered the points but never got around to it. I tried my local club (in MPLS) but hated the smoking and found a lot of people were less nice than I would have liked, so stopped playing there and switched to "money" games to support myself during Med school.

Other than social Bridge, two or three times per month, I largely fell away from the game until the pandemic hit & we started looking for safe outlets. We are now playing 3-4 times/week with friends in FL & MN and I'm doing the robot tourneys, as mentioned.

Again, thanks for the kind words and I'll be in touch if I can think of anything you could help me with.

I don't have a lot of recent photos, but here is a pic of me on a cross country bike ride last year (age 72).

Barry Bershow