April 8, 2022

New Life Master Ali El-Selehdar

I found my Life Master in the BBO lobby

In the beginning of the COVID pandemic we all had a lot of free time. I began a new partnership with Ms. Rasha Saad, a smart wonderful woman. One day we responded to a request via the BBO lobby to play in a random team game with a nice American group. After one game, we agreed to play at fixed times with this group called Angel Soft Two-Ply Teams, a joke referring to the toilet paper shortage, which I now fondly refer to as Tissue Teams. We played for two months, during this time Rasha became friends with the host, Mrs. Lynne Castoldi. Lynne asked to play bridge with me; we formed a partnership agreement but she insisted I needed an ACBL number. She gifted me an ACBL membership and became the hero of my life master story. The ACBL was a new world to me as had I played in the Egyptian Bridge Federation (EBF). Before we began, again she insisted I needed to write the ACBL so I would be properly stratified. ACBL awarded me eligibility points; however I still needed to start from zero earning my masterpoints and colored points like everyone else. We started playing on the 5th of November 2020 in virtual club games. Now after 17 months I did achieve Life Master through online games. I couldn't have done this without Rasha, Lynne, and Cheeky Carlson my newest partner.