District 14 GNT Policies (April 8, 2019)

Reminder: Conditions of Contest are distributed annually by the GNT chair.

  1. Flights A and Superflight ACBL Mid-chart Conventions may be used in Flights A and Championship District 14 Finals. Flight A and Championship flight teams should be seeded by averaged total masterpoints except that District Champions returning with more than 50% of its members begin as #1 seed.
  2. Flights B & C Flights B & C Swiss qualifying events should use the 20 Victory Point scale. If Flight B & C Finals include a knockout phase, seeding is based on the two session team qualifying performance with any ties broken by previous head to head competition, then net IMPs. If four teams remain, the #1 seed plays their choice of #3 or #4. The District Finals start with a two session qualifying K.O [<10 teams] or Swiss [11+ teams]
  3. General
  4. On October 2009 the District Board endorsed the following five principles: